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Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) ” Bullet Flight”

BulletFlight Light Version:  $3.99

Customer Ratings: 47 Stars: 4
BulletFlt L1 — Base version


BulletFlight Medium Version: $11.99

Customer Ratings: 21 Stars: 4
BulletFlt L2 — adds a full calculation screen where you may enter exact range and atmospheric details, the ability to generate a range-card, cosine-angle calculation, GPS functionality to get your location and download local weather information, a mil-dot range estimation feature, and the ability to use non-standard weather conditions in the calculation. Further, Level-2 and above shows impact energy, velocity, and flight time – but only on the full-calculation screen or range-card.


BulletFlight Military Version:  $29.99

Customer Ratings: 195 Stars: 4.5
BulletFlight Level-M (Military) version further adds the ability to calculate an actual BC based on bullet drop, two velocities, or flight time. The ability to calculate bullet stability. Bullet spin drift is added to the computation, and the Coriolis effect (Earth’s rotation) may be factored in.


JBM Ballistics “Ballistic”

Ballistic Standard Edition: $9.99

Customer Ratings: 147 Stars: 4.5
Current Release 2.3.8


Ballistic Field Tactical Edition (FTE): $19.99

Customer Ratings: 180 Stars: 4.5
Current Release 2.3.8


Ballistic for the iPad: $19.99

Customer Ratings: 4+
Current Release 2.3.8


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