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JBM Ballistic: Advanced Edition

15 February 2013 Featured,iPad,iPhone/iTouch
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Ballistic is a highly-accurate ballistic calculator and range companion for the iPad. With its advanced capabilities, Ballistic can compensate for atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic spin drift, and more. It’s also much more than an advanced trajectory calculator. With a vast library of nearly 4,000 projectiles and factory loads, rangefinder, …

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G7 Ballistics Long Range Calculator

14 February 2013 Featured,Free Software
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The G7 Long Range Ballistics Calculator is a FREE online ballistic calculator  that will help you understand your external ballistics. It allows you to customize the shooting conditions to mimic the ballistics performance of your favorite load in various conditions and environments. The program also has the ability to save …

“Hot off the press” New Magpul iPhone 4/4s Field Case

7 February 2012 Featured,iPhone Cases
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Magpul has released their new iPhone 4/4s field case. This case does not supersede the Magpul iPhone 4/4s Executive Case it adds to their offering.
The new case is made from the same synthetic rubber as the original Magpul loop, the Field Case features PMAG-style ribs for added grip, …

Winchester iPhone Ballistics Calcualtor Free!

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The Winchester iPhone Ballistics Calculator was designed to be used at the range or in the field. Once the app has been installed on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, cell phone service or internet service is not required. Winchester customers will have full access to all of …

HTC Evo Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case

9 August 2011 Featured
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With one of the largest pinch to zoom displays on the market Ballistic understands the need to protect your HTC Evo. The toughest series on the market.
The Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case is a MUST HAVE for your HTC Evo. This case also features a built in kickstand! We’ve …

Hornady Ballistics Caculator

3 August 2011 Free Software
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Hornady’s website offers a ballistics calculator as well as down-loadable ballistic chart and their H.I.T.S. calculator to help shooters pick a specific cartridge/bullet for any situation.
It’s free and easy!
Ballistics Calculator
H.I.T.S. Calculator
Down-loadable Ballistics Chart

Magpul iPhone Field Cases

30 January 2011 Featured
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Hot off the press! Magpul Industries is now shipping their long awaited iPhone field case for the iPhone 3/GS and 4.
iPhone 3/3GS Field Case
The iPhone 3/3GS Field case is available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Orange and Pink. Retail is $9.95.
The Magpul Field Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS* …

HTC EVO Otterbox Defender Case

25 January 2011 iPhone Cases
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With the release of the HTC EVO and Android Ballistic Apps there is a brand new option and offering if you cannot switch from your current provider and go to AT&T for the iPhone. We purchased the EVO so we could start testing and reviewing ballistic apps offered for the Android …

New: Subscribe via email!!!

6 October 2010 i-ballistics news
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You can now subscribe to i-ballistics and get automatic updates as we continue to grow our reference for ballistic apps and accessories.
Simply click on the subscription option for email and enter your email address into FeedBurner. FeedBurner is a Google product so your in email address and security is in experienced hands. …

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) App.

28 August 2010 iPhone/iTouch
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The Civilian Marksmanship Program better known as CMP, recently released a great tool for your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch to help you keep score for all CMP matches and events. The app is now available at the Apple App Store for your iPhone and iPad.
The CMP app  is an easy to use …

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