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Shooter is a highly accurate ballistics calculator for the iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android mobile platforms and is currently for sale in the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore and Apple App Store for $9.99. Shooter is far above the competition by not only it’s unparalleled accuracy, but it’s great user interface that just makes sense to a shooter and gets you to a solution quick and easy. Shooter uses saved profiles for your firearms and ammunition so you never have to keep entering this static data over and over again. You can also use your device’s GPS, Accelerometer and Compass to help you out with data input.


Highly Accurate Ballistics Solver Shooter uses a custom ballistics solver that supports G1 and G7 drag models. It is very fast and highly accurate. Shooter’s calculations normally match JBM‘s numbers within round-off error (0.1″ at 1000 yards). Shooter calculates trajectory, windage, lead, velocity, energy and time of flight.
Firearm/Ammo Profiles Save all your rifles and ammunition data as profiles so that as soon as you open Shooter, you can quickly select what you’re shooting and be on your way to a solution.
Bullet Library Shooter currently has over 1,300 bullets available in the built-in library including Bryan Litz‘ measured ballistic coefficients for over 175 popular bullets. This allows you to easily select your bullet and have it’s data loaded into your ammo profile automatically. The bullet library will continue to expand in future updates.
Stepped Ballistic Coefficients Use multiple ballistic coefficients for varying velocities in your trajectory. Some bullet manufacturers provide this and it provides a more accurate solution.
Distance Calculator Use the built-in distance calculator to estimate target range using your scope’s reticle (supports MOA, IPHY and Mils).
Angle Detection Use your device’s accelerometer to determine look angle (up/downhill shot). Simply turn on the angle detector and point device at target.
Automatic Atmosphere Automatically populate Altitude, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Wind Speed by pulling data from the nearest weather station based off GPS location (Density Altitude may also be used instead of altitude/pressure/humidity input).
Zero Atmosphere You can specify atmospheric conditions during the time you sighted in your rifle into each ammo profile and Shooter will automatically correct for it. This is particularly useful for those who use longer zero ranges (>100 yards/meters) and shoot in an atmosphere that’s vastly different from what they zeroed in.
Atmosphere from Kestrel If you have a Bluetooth-enabled Kestrel device, you can load the atmosphere straight from it into Shooter. Kestrel - Pocket Weather Meters
Atmosphere from WeatherFlow If you have a Bluetooth-enabled WeatherFlow WeatherMeter device, you can load the atmosphere straight from it into Shooter.
Coriolis Effect & Spin Drift You can figure in Coriolis acceleration and/or gyroscopic drift (spin drift) into your solution. You can use your device to aquire your latitude and the target’s Azimuth (for Coriolis). Note: Spin Drift is only available if you enter both barrel twist and bullet length in the rifle and ammo profile.
Powder Temperature You can specify your load’s powder temperature at time you chronographed along with the variation of muzzle velocity (fps/mps) per degree (F/C) and Shooter can then automatically adjust the muzzle velocity based on current powder temperature.
Graphs Compare trajectory and windage for up to 6 loads at once in a sexy graph (see screenshots below).
Intuitive Solution Display Elevation, windage and lead solutions are presented in large and easy to see font for your desired correction unit (MOA, IPHY or Mils). Displayed to the right in smaller size are the corrections in the other units. You can easily tap-in changes to distance, wind, wind direction, lead and lead direction or invoke the distance calculator, angle detector or azimuth detector and the solutions will be auto-recomputed upon any changes to input.
Share Trajectory Table via Email Send the trajectory table output to any email address.
Muzzle Velocity Tool Within the Trajectory Table you can invoke the Muzzle Velocity Tool (Velocity Calibration in iOS) which allows you to easily tweak the muzzle velocity and the Trajectory Table will auto-recompute using the new muzzle velocity. This tool should be used when you know you’ve entered correct data, but the solution Shooter is providing is not matching up to real-world results (which may be due to an incorrect muzzle velocity input).
Metric Support Data inputs/output can be configured to use the Metric system.
Web Sync Profiles You can use the Web Sync Profiles option to backup all your profiles online or to restore them to a device.
Dark Theme Night-mode theme (Android only at this time)

iPhone/iPod Touch Screenshots

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