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**Update 2018 ** It seems that most of the GunSim tools are no longer available and many of the links in this post are broken**

GunSim is GunSim Ballistic Softwarea great free online tool that will help you understand the effects wind, range, and elevation have on bullet flight and impact. The publisher Frank Clarke has designed an interactive “heads up” approach to help ease the learning curve when using optics. A great tool that is easy to understand and fun to use.

Free GunSim Online

Not always connected to the internet? That’s okay, download the free desktop edition of GunSim for Windows or Mac!

Free Desktop/Mac Edition

Frank has also developed a free Blackberry App. that has all of the same features of the online GunSim program. For download instructions follow the link to Frank’s Blog.

Free BlackBerry App

One of the best values around is Frank’s Free Printable Ballistics Table. Enter your favorite cartridge specs and your range data and print. Personalized ballistics in the palm of your hand, pocket, stock pack, or wherever you tend to keep your ballistics data.

Free Printable Ballistics Table

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