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JBM Ballist Iphone app Field Tactical EditionBallistic FTE is the field firing version of Ballistic: a fast, highly-accurate ballistic trajectory calculator for the iPhone. The ballistic computer calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, and flight time for a projectile at any valid range, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude. It’s also much more than a basic trajectory calculator. With a vast library of over 2,800 projectiles and factory loads, range estimation calculator, and a range log, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range.

Ballistic’s world renowned JBM ballistics engine delivers the gold standard in calculations that other applications compare themselves to.

The FTE version of Ballistic includes all of the great features you’ll find in the standard edition of the software, plus an advanced head-up display for mounted operation. The HUD provides real-time angle acquisition, one-touch atmospheric correction, and scroll wheels to quickly change projectile profiles and distance.


– World renowned JBM ballistics engine for the most precise, accurate calculations in the industry
– Select from a library of over 1,500 commercial and military projectiles and over 1,400 factory loads from leading manufacturers or specify your own projectile properties. Includes latest 2009 commercial data and military coefficients established at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Includes rimfire.
– One-Touch Atmospheric Correction: Adjust your calculations for the zero or current atmosphere simply by pressing the Core Location button. Altitude, standard pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and wind velocity are updated based on your current location and information from the NOAA National Weather Service (or GeoNames), or enter your own atmospheric values.
– Support for variable (stepped) ballistic coefficients for many popular commercial projectiles from select manufacturers, for more precise calculations.

– Ballistic Charts: Display a chart of the current projectile including drop, energy, and velocity. Compare wind drift. Compare up to eight projectiles on the same chart. Trajectory charts display the projectile’s path across multiple altitudes and angles. Zoom charts up to 300% or save a full size chart to your photo album.
– Supports G1-G8 ballistic drag models and real-time conversion from one drag model to another. The BC will automatically be recalculated based on the drag model and velocity. Ideal for calculating VLD, Spire Point, Boat Tails, or other such projectiles.
– Estimate distance using Mil-Dot or MOA reticle measurements. Supports conversions including inches, centimeters, feet, yards, and meters.
– Range log to keep a journal of all your hunts, shoots, adjustments, points of impact, and scores. Includes integrated score tallying, multiple target types, and Core Location support. Load as a zero atmosphere later in calculations. Generate cold barrel and scoring reports for each rifle.
– Angular Acquisition: Aim the device at the target like a remote control and press the LOS Angle table cell. After a 3-second countdown, the table cell will be updated with the shooting angle based on the accelerometer reading. Can be inverted for mounted operation.
– Elevation and windage output in inches, centimeters, arcminutes, milliradians, and click values ranging from full click to 1/8 click. Custom click values can also be specified.
– Point blank range is calculated based on the vital zone radius. You will see up and/or down arrows in red showing you the point blank ranges on your trajectory output.

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